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The Winter 2018 league in Huntsville will start on February 20th. All participants should have received an email with the details and a passcode. If you haven't received the email, please contact Steve Schuckman. The Madison league will also start on the 20th, but it will not be using this online scheduling system.

This is a handicapped league. Denny should supply you with your starting handicap before the first match is played.

View the Huntsville League Invitation email  View the Madison League Invitation email

Just a reminder - If a match is not played within 3 weeks of the time it was scheduled, both participants will be given a forfeit unless a specific reschedule date is provided. After a match has been forfeited, the score cannot be entered, even if the match is later completed. Contact Denny Reasner if you have questions. Click here to view matches that will soon be forfeited and view instructions on how to provide a reschedule date.

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