Date: Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 2:15 PM

This message is being sent to all past participants of the Huntsville and Madison racquetball leagues.  This message is for the Huntsville league.  There will also be a Madison league.  You should receive information about the Madison league soon.

We are hoping to have a handicap league for the Winter League. The details will be at the end of this email.

We will be starting the Athletic Club Alabama Fall racquetball league on February 20, 2018.  The last day to sign up is February 16, 2018.  The league will last approximately 14 weeks.  Divisions will be A, B, C and D/Novice.  Matches will be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5 to 8.  All matches will be played at Athletic Club Alabama located at 2100 Members Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35802.  Applications should be submitted as soon as possible.  There will be up to 4 divisions.  The first 8 participants to sign up in each division will be accepted. The times for your matches will be posted on the web site after all participants are confirmed.  Denny will send you an email confirming your participation in the league.

You should submit your application online at  Please use this online application to register for the league.  You will not be considered entered until you complete the online application.  Talking to Denny at the club or sending an email stating you want to participate is not an acceptable method to register.

The entry fee is $25 for members and $125 for non-members.  Every participant will receive a shirt, and the winner of each division will receive a $25 ACA gift card.

Payment can be made with a credit card by calling the club at 256-880-0770 or by putting it on your house account if you are a member.  You will not be considered entered until your fee has been paid!

Please contact Denny Reasner at 256-508-7432 or via email at if you have questions.

As we did with the last league, if a match is not played within 3 weeks of the time is was scheduled, both participants will be given a forfeit unless a specific reschedule date is provided.  If you have made an effort to play a scheduled match but your partner is unwilling or unable to play, then it is up to you to post a forfeit via the website with you as the winner before the 3 week deadline has passed.

Thank you,
Steve Schuckman

Details on the Handicap rules from Denny Reasner

The highest rated player in our club would start the league with a zero handicap.  If he loses the first game of his match, he would have 1 point added to his handicap. His opponent would have 1 point deducted from his handicap.
At the end of the match, the winner of the match would have one point deducted from his handicap (before that match started) for the next match and the loser would have one point added to his handicap (before the match started).

Match 1
Jon Harmeyer would be a 0 handicap.
Denny Reasner would be a 6 handicap.

Jon would give me 6 points at the beginning of the match.
If I win the first game, my handicap would go to 5 and Jon’s would go to 1.  I would start the next game with a 4 point lead. After each match, the handicap is adjuster according to the person that wins or losses a match. If Jon wins the second game, we would be back to where we started with handicap. Jon’s handicap would be 0 and mine would be 6.

If I win the match, Jon would start with a 1 handicap and I would start with a 5 the next match.

If anyone would have more than a 10 point advantage, the lower handicap player would start with a negative score and the higher handicap player would start with 10.  That is the maximum amount of points the higher handicap player would be allowed to start the game.

Jon Harmeyer would be a 0 handicap.  He plays a person that is a 15 handicap.
Jon would start with a minus 5 and the 15 handicap player would have 10.
If the game goes to a tiebreaker.  The tiebreaker would be played to 15 points.

We played these handicap rules at the YMCA in Chambersburg, Pa. and everyone had a really good time competing against people they would not normally be able to play against.  We will still have the divisions and people will be playing with the people as close to their level of play as possible.

We will use the last league and club rankings to set up the handicap. I will have at least three members of the club at a meeting to set handicaps.
Anyone who would like to participate in that meeting would be welcome. We will do that on the last Saturday before the league begins.

Thank you for playing
Denny Reasner